KRAV MAGA: Real Fighting – Real Self Defense
December 19, 2018

The reason everyday people, Law Enforcement, and Militaries around the world learn Krav Maga is because it is effective and it works. Most sport fighting is useless in a street fight where there are no rules. With Krav Maga, we expand your natural reaction to a fight into a simultaneous defense with attack so you can prevail over the attacker.


Training in Krav Maga is different than sport fighting because we develop the mental toughness and situational awareness to help you anticipate a threatening situation. Training Krav Maga will condition your most important weapon – your BRAIN – to properly respond to a threat. Proper understanding of a threat is just as important as overcoming the attack.


All Krav Maga strikes, throws, and joint locks are meant to cause maximum damage to the attacker. We have no rules, no points, and no katas. Nothing is off-limit. We teach our students how to exploit vulnerable areas including eyes, ears, groin, and knees. Krav Maga training will help you incapacitate the attacker and allow you to escape or finish off the attacker.


Krav Maga fitness training prepares the body for combat. Not all fights can be won by knowing more techniques than the attacker, but by being able to develop the stamina to stay in the fight until you prevail. At Krav Maga, we work all your muscles including the heart and brain. Being in great shape will let you fight longer and harder.

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